This guy’s Deepfake is good enough for Lucasfilm to hire him

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Re: This guy’s Deepfake is good enough for Lucasfilm to hire him

Clapttr wrote:

wklee wrote:

He fixed Mark Hamill’s face in the Mandalorian.

“A young Luke Skywalker showed up to the excitement, then disappointment of fans who raised eyebrows at his VFX-heavy look.”

“Enter the YouTuber known as Shamook, whose The Mandalorian deepfake, published in December, has earned nearly 2 million views for improving the VFX used to de-age Mark Hamill. It was so good Shamook then earned a new gig with Lucasfilm and its visual effects division Industrial Light and Magic.”

He does amazing work, but sometimes the whole thing with deepfake technologies looks a little terrifying.

Yes. It is a bit terrifying. Some deepfakes are very lifelike!

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