Understanding XC vs XF Lenses for Fujifilm X-E4

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Re: Understanding XC vs XF Lenses for Fujifilm X-E4

RMillward wrote:

I'm researching upgrading from an X100S, with it's fixed 23mm lens, to an X-E4, to take advantage of interchangeable lenses. Right now, I'm specifically looking at mid-length 'walk around' zooms, c. 15/16 to 50 or so.

What's a little confusing is, Fuji has a few lenses that are of type "XC," while the majority of the lenses are "XF." "XC" tend to be less expensive, so I presume they forego some features/performance for the sake of cost - yes? What else do I need to know about using XC lenses on an X-E4...?

Thanks in advance for info on this topic,

One other notable mention is regarding firmware. There were two versions each of the XC 16-50 and 50-230. The first version had the designation "OIS" on the front of the barrel. The second version was marked "OIS ii". The OIS ii versions were able to accept firmware updates, and are the better choice for a newer-model camera than the first versions.

While the XC 50-230mm OIS ii lens is still current, the XC 16-50 ii was discontinued when the 15-45 Powerzoom was released. I've never had it but it seems to live up to its XC branding: excellent performance for its price point. However, there have been many posts by owners who do not like the Powerzoom feature, which can't be controlled manually. If you're in this category it might be worth looking for good used copies of the 16-50 ii.

In general the XC lenses are small, light, and give excellent optical performance for their price, but come with material and ergonomic caveats vs their XF counterparts. The 18-55 or 16-80 (though it has its own caveats!) would be the best XF choices for smaller and lighter "kit"-type lenses. The XF 55-200 is a great performer in all areas, it just lacks WR, but can be found used for a decent price right now as people move to the formidable 70-300. I did, and I love it, but the 55-200 is still an awesome lens.

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