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Re: Not a good idea

Tobamory wrote:

There’s an option on the Sony camera called zoom not Super 35 which negates the view


There's more than one option for 'zooming' on Sony cameras.

The guy in the video used CIZ (Clear Image Zoom). Okay, it solved the vignetting problem but he said there was no compromise in image quality but this is simply not true. What CIZ does at 2x is use the central 25% area of the senor and crop away the rest of the pixels leaving a 12MP image. It then upscales the image back to 50MP by interpolation. The resultant image finishes up with 75% of fake pixels. It is exactly the same as cropping and upscaling in post, the only difference is you can use modern software that does a much better job.

Will you even need a 50MP image when/if you use your M4/3 lenses on the A1?

A better solution in my opinion is to use what Sony call Smart Zoom. To use this set the image size to 'small' in the menu then follow his instructions.

Now when you set the zoom slider to 2x it crops out the central 25% of the frame and that's it, no interpolation involved and no loss of image quality. You finish up with a 12MP image 4320 x 2880 of real pixels.

Of course, I hope you realise that with either method you can forget about shooting raw files, it's jpegs only. You won't have any control over exposure metering either it defaults to Multi. No control over focus modes either but that won't apply to you using MF lenses.

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