Only the Pentax K10D had market momentum?

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Re: Only the Pentax K10D had market momentum?

Sorry I can't answer about market momentum, I have no idea about that I didn't even know K10D had this kind of momentum compared to others ... I have some difficulties caring about market, marketing, communication, economy ... But I'd like Pentax/Ricoh to do well enough to keep doing what they do.

Regarding my story: my brother had a Minolta SLR, and was a fan of DIY stuff, like taking macros with glass eye in a tube. Minolta was synonym of photography for me for a long time, and this name still sounds very cool - well, much less since Sony ... well, you know

My first camera was a Sony by the way, a hybrid, DSC something, with I think a 5x zoom. An awful experience, really didn't like it. I took a few photos with it, and it was not so bad, but the camera was boring to use.

Then my first dSLR was the K100D. I've been having it for 15 years approximately (as far as I remember), and very recently I gave it to a friend (I hope he will bring it back - he doesn't use it). During all this time I took photos very irregularly, not very seriously, and bought a few lenses, mostly non-Pentax (don't know why), and mostly the cheapest ones. The camera works as good as day one, except for the dial which is a bit clumsy. I'm very impressed about that. I mean, how are they supposed to earn money, with people like me and cameras like that ?

Last years though I started again to take photography a bit more seriously, starting with my K100D. I was surprised by the quality of results sometimes (in 6MPX of course).

K100D with Laowa ultra macro lens

Then I made a move to K70 - but I was too late buying. Few years ago, I started to do some research again about releases of cameras from Pentax, and I was very tempted by K70 but that didn't happen - no money, not a priority, so I had to wait.

Then eventually this year I pre-ordered K3iii. When I say "too late" about K70, it's because now when I go out I take only K3iii. I don't see any reason to take the K70 ... It's a great camera though, and I thought I would use it for the flip screen, but in fact I don't care much or use it at all. And the new AF, the weighted highlights metering, the smart function, the touch screen, the joystick : all these things are quickly addictive, I just don't really want to use a camera that doesn't have that anymore.

Don't know if it will last, as I'm going through "periods" usually, and photography is not my job, but I think it's the first camera that makes me want to go out and take photos that much. It takes time to ramp up on the settings, configuration and customizations, but in the end the camera seems like a natural fit.

This morning with K3iii

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