Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Some are offended by others having fun ...

vison_sss wrote:

The only innovation in Sony FF land is the marketing budget fueling GAS and "elevating" Sony FF bodies to be mere fashion accessories.

A7RIV is the best current example of this syndrome. First choice for GAS types who are drawn towards the pixel count figure and hysteria generated by populist YouTube reviewers. If IQ is your primary requirement one would shoot medium format, if crop-ability is important medium format would be first choice.

This is called marketing, and is essential in capitalism. Earning money makes it possible to develop new products that customer think they need. This is essential for production in a consumer marked. Politics regulates this.

A9 was the last innovation which actually delivered a significant increase in capability to the market - which Sony should be appluded for.

So a product need to be new tech, and noticeable improvement of existing technology is not valid? So the A1 is nothing new?

Brands like Panasonic with no AA filters(s1h being the exception to reduce morie) full sensor dedicated to capturing photons as opposed to useless pixels dedicated to PDAF inputs, peerless video capabilities in the mirrorless form factor are innovative tools produced to achieve a specific outcome.

You need to read you up on all the Soy cameras without an AA filter!

Above will no doubt be an unpopular opinion however Sony evangelist

Who are they?

need to get over themselves as the shrills are getting tiresome and end result is likely to be this slippery slope of sony's continual release of toys not tools.

What is wrong with enjoying your gear, and being exited by the technology?

Some know how to have fun, some are obviously just offended when others have fun! Just get over it, since this is the same for users of all brands!

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