I don't understand THIS about bitrate (lossless, greenscreen)

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Re: I don't understand THIS about bitrate (lossless, greenscreen)

Andrew S10 wrote:

Here are some green screen best practices that I previously posted in another thread.

  • Subject should be > 6' from the background
  • Use a proper green screen background
  • Background and subject should be exposed at the proper ratios.
  • Background needs to be clean, wrinkle free, and evenly lit (use false color)
  • Put a minus green gel on your hair light to counteract green spill
  • Shoot vertical 9:16 to maximize resolution (depending on the framing and subject movement)
  • Shoot at a slightly higher shutter speed to minimize motion blur and apply frame blending or optical flow after you've pulled your key
  • Higher bit-depth helps more than higher chroma subsampling, 10-bit or 12-bit vs. 8-bit

Here's a Fusion tutorial that keys & composites a shot using UM4K and T2i footage.

Here are a few tutorials on how to light and expose for green screen.

Aaaah that's really clever technique. Some youtube vid said that you must shoot super high shutter and simply fake motionblur, but your technique of blending 2 frames sounds much smarter.

However, unfortunately my A7C does not shoot at 48 fps, which means I can't shoot 24 fps doubled. (I find the lack of this function to be so silly). But my greenscreen projects will probably be in a few years into the future anyway so maybe by then I'll have a camera that can do that.

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