Understanding XC vs XF Lenses for Fujifilm X-E4

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Re: Understanding XC vs XF Lenses for Fujifilm X-E4

jhorse wrote:

Erik Baumgartner wrote:

XC lenses lack aperture rings, not typically a big deal, but with the X-E4 short a command dial, you may have to double (or triple) up on dial function assignments.

For the OP, let's build on this reply. I had a XE3 and now the XE4. With the XE3 I had the excellent light weight XC16-50 Mk II, which does not have an aperture ring, and the XF 18-55, which does have one. Beyond build quality and image quality, the absence or presence of an aperture ring is the principal difference.

Turning to the XE3 vs the XE4 and how to control aperture when shooting Aperture Priority, which is my normal shooting mode. This only applies to the XC lenses, including the 27 Mk I, as aperture has to be controlled by the body not on the lens. The XE3 has a rear command dial, so one is able to set the aperture of an XC lens using this dial. The XE4 does not have a rear command dial so it has to be set by the front command dial. Not a big issue once one becomes accustomed to using it.

However, there's always a however (!), I adjust EC (with the EC dial itself set to 'C') and ISO via the front dial. It is a simple matter of pressing in the dial to toggle to the required setting (EC or ISO) and then turning it to set the value (it remembers the last used function). If one uses this set up and adds aperture as well, because there is no aperture ring on a XC lens and no rear dial, one has to toggle around the three settings. Of course, I could set EC on its dedicated dial, and I could map ISO to the Fn button (which could mean the front dial in my case only adjusts aperture). This would reduce the load on the front dial.

For me, I decided that I would rather set aperture on the lens ring. So when I upgraded from the XE3 to the XE4, which included the new 27 Mk II kit with an aperture ring, I traded in the 27 Mk I and the XC 16-50 for the new kit so that I no longer have any XC lenses. This keeps it simple and with the right set up the XE4, despite fewer physical controls and buttons, is a delight to use.

Hope that helps.

Just a small clarification... You seem to suggest that the 27mm Mk 1 (without the aperture ring) is an XC lens. It is not; it's an XF lens.  As a matter of fact, I think it's the only XF lens without an aperture ring.

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