"Secret weapon” for Hollywood Film Making

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"Secret weapon” for Hollywood Film Making

After seeing some of my pictures as below taken recently, some friends asked me: “Was the weather fogging?”

My answer was:

“No, the weather was sunny and clear. It snowed a few days ago, but very few person going out, so the snow is very clean and white. I took it at a sunny night. Why it looks like fogging, because i used a filter.”

“Filter? What App, can you share it with me?”

“No, it’s a physical filter which was installed in front of the lens.” See below picture.

What’s it?

It’s black pro mist filter, which was widely used in film making to create mysterious film atmosphere, reduce the digital feeling, image sharpness and reduce the contrast. The most obvious function is to diffusion the high light, some pictures as below, enjoy! See if you like it or not?

Ok, after reviewing these pictures, you also like to have one, i have tip for you: This filter is a bit expensive, i bought Tiffen’s with nearly 150 usd by then, so my advice is to buy the bigger size, normally 82mm is the main size of the newly launched lens, you can buy this, and equip some lens adapters, so that you can use the 82 filter to fit different size of the camera lens.

Surely, but by time goes, there are more and more competitors join the game, and some of them have more competitive price, so the now we could have more options. If possible, i hope i’m allowed to share with you a promotion proposal of GiAi (a filter manufacturer in China) as below:

* Original price 80usd/pc, if you likes to leave your serious honest review anywhere on internet, like Face Book, Twitter, instagram, forum, youtube, your own website, etc. You’ll get 50% discount, that is 40 usd/pc.

* If any quality problem, they support returning goods and refund.

If my sharing makes sense for you, pls let me leaving your comments below, i would be more than glad to share with you more of my photography experience, thanks for reading, have a nice day!

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