Considering Acquiring a D7500

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Re: Considering Acquiring a D7500

stonesfan wrote:

JP Tudor wrote:

I use both D7200 and D7500. I prefer the d7200 because of the dual card slots.

In fact I like the dynamic range on d7200 so much I had it serviced at Nikon and now works like new. If you look at DXOmark or any other testing facility you will find that d7200 is literally the best APS C camera out there for the money.

I'd second this. The D7200 edges the D7500 as far as value goes. Yes it's a little older and will almost certainly be bought second hand. It's a better all round camera than the D7500. However....if you shoot sports or any other action then the D7500 adds some real value and potency.

I sold my 7200 when I bought my D7500. I like them both. The sports shooting aspect of the D7500 is very nice. 
I'm now thinking of trying to get a D7200 as part of my 'DX F mount nuclear winter' survival strategy, where I would probably use the 2 cameras for slightly different things.

a trivial thing but I really wish the D7500 had the D7200's button approach for ISO - assign one of the wheels to ISO for shooting in A or S priority.

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