Camera upgrade question...R5 vs A7RIV

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Re: Camera upgrade question...R5 vs A7RIV

carini555 wrote:

Hi, I've gotten some great feedback on the Sony forum. I am upgrading from m43 and have narrowed it down to the R5 and A7RIV. I actually think I would be happy with either, but there are a few aspects of each that appeal to me.

I shoot mostly landscape and nature, and usually on a tripod....but I would love to hand hold more and still get a sharp image.

I hand hold landscapes with the R5 all the time with very sharp results. In fact I only use a tripod at night or dawn/dusk.

I crop ALOT. I rarely use 3:2 aspect ratio.

The R5 can tolerate heavy cropping and still deliver good sharp pix.

I shoot in bad weather (rain, snow) and dusty conditions.

I switch very frequently between landscape and portrait (my L-bracket is my best friend) and I only use the screen - no EVF.

My Canon concerns:

1. The biggest draw for me to Sony is the megapixels for cropping. Since I will crop most of my images just for aspect the Canon not a good choice for me? Or am I underestimating what 45 MP can do?

The usual rule of thumb given for resolution comparisons is that  camera A needs to have a linear resolution of at least 1.2x that of camera B for any significant difference to be perceptible in photos.  61 Mpx gives 1.16x the linear resolution of 45 Mpx. So given the same senor dimensions and equally very sharp lenses the resolution advantage of the A7R4 is insignificant. In practice many other factors will be more important like lens quality, camera/subject movement etcetera....

You will need to be selective with lens choices in either system to get the most from the high pixel count sensors.

2. Is the flip screen going to be more annoying to deal with the L-bracket? I've found at least 1 L-bracket that will allow for full use of the flip screen either horizontally and vertically but it seems it will take a lot of maneuvering to switch back and forth. I always thought I wanted a flip screen but now I am questioning this.

The fully articulated screen on the Canon is a huge advantage especially with portrait prientation photos or vlogging.

The Canon advantages seem to be:

-Better IBIS? Substantially better than Sony? How would it compare to my Panasonic IBIS with native lenses?

-Many people mention Canon has better color, if I always shoot in raw....dumb is color better or worse?

-Weather sealing?

Thanks so much!!

I  moved from Micro Four Thirds to Canon full frame and have been very happy with Canon. I tried several Sony cameras over the years but keep coming back to Canon mainly because I prefer the user experience with Canon gear.


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