Another drive dock question: “compatibility” with greater than 3 TB drives

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Another drive dock question: “compatibility” with greater than 3 TB drives

Billiam29 wrote:

I’m not really comfortable basing decisions about the products I use for backups on assumptions I might make from user reviews I see on retail sites.

There were issues with early USB drive docks because the USB mass storage protocol of the time didn't support 64-bit logical block numbers and therefore the drives were logically limited to only 2TB or less. There were a number of mutually incompatible schemes that got around this limitation which led to various issues.

But USB protocols were upgraded a long time ago, and anything you buy on the market these days shouldn't be an issue.

When I upgraded from USB 2 to USB 3 drive docks one of the tests I did was to format and copy files to a 4TB drive in the dock and then attach it to a SATA port inside the system to make sure it was properly readable - that was my "acid test" to make sure the backups I was creating weren't somehow tied to that specific drive dock. If you have any doubts about your USB configuration I'd suggest doing the same.

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