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Re: PetaPixel K-3 Mark III Review

Photodog2 wrote:

Better review than others. With the usual annoying qualifiers like it's not mirrorless, it's not FF. I think it is annoying because experienced enthusiasts will already have their own views on this, but it does influence beginners and casual shoppers. I think what has already happened is that Pentax is being purchased by photographers who are not crowd followers and have the self-confidence to make their own decisions irregardless of reviewer opinions. It does take a certain level of experience to get to that stage so I do worry about the future of Pentax when it comes to getting new adopters to get started on the system.

I think Pentax has to figure out this problem and look for solutions to it. While the K3iii is a great camera and deserves all the enthusiasm, I think the future of Pentax will be decided more by sales of cameras like the K-70 and future products in the lower price ranges. There are things too that Pentax can do in the lens front since they probably still make more money from lens sales than body sales. While Pentax is doing great things in the premium lens categories, it's been awhile since they did anything in the entry and mid-level lens categories.

I would agree with you completely, except for one thing: there are no entry level cameras or lenses any more.  An entry level camera is called a "phone" now.

All of the camera makers have come to the same conclusion.  If you can't sell as many units as you used to, you need to increase the revenue per unit to stay even.  To justify the increased prices you need to concentrate on high end features and build quality, so the entry level and mid level gets totally neglected.  This is emphasized by the unique capabilities a camera needs to be considered as a separate purchase over a phone.

I too worry about the future of Pentax if they can't attract new users to the brand.  I don't think I can find a Pentax camera to hold and try out within 1000 miles of where I live, and that's a real problem they need to overcome.  The K-3 III may be the greatest camera ever but I'll never know it.

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