Is auto ISO fixed with fill flash?

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Re: Is auto ISO fixed with fill flash?

Hi Jigal,

The camera doesn’t necessarily set the iso to half the max iso in your auto iso range, but it does tend to max out at half the iso of your max iso in your auto iso range, don’t ask me why though as it makes no sense to me. Max iso should be max iso right?

I use two different setups depending on the circumstances as follows:

1) When I’m shooting in a variable lighting environment i.e when I’m moving around a lot and each shot has different ambient lighting, I use auto iso but you have to have your max iso set high enough to cover the lowest lighting scenario. Typically indoors I have my max iso set to 6400. I personally shoot in manual mode with auto iso in this scenario so I can quickly adjust aperture and / or shutter speed as desired.

2) When shooting in a fixed environment I set the iso manually based on ambient light and the effect I’m looking for. The easiest way to do this is have a custom button programmed as “Shot Preview” which when held down shows you your ambient exposure because with a flash attached the brightness of the viewfinder / screen isn’t showing your live-view exposure.

My flash is set to TTL and I’m in fill flash mode on the camera for both of the above setups and they each work well for me. I’m typically using my A7Rii for this but the same principles apply to the other Sony cameras with these godox flashes (I have an A6500 also).

Let me know if any of this isn’t making sense? Here’s a few examples of fill flash always bouncing off a wall or ceiling.

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