Olympus ODM1 III and Panasonic lenses

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Re: Olympus ODM1 III and Panasonic lenses

shirley123 wrote:

I am considering getting an Olympus OD M1 III as I am taken with the HHHD that it does.

At present I have a Panasonic G85 with a PL100-400, Lumix 12-60, PL 45mm macro. Would there be any problem using any of these lenses with the Olympus OD M1 III, especially when using the HHHD function?

Presumably you mean HHHR. There would no issue with Pana lenses for HHHR.

For Pana lenses, generally the Olympus IBIS is a better option to Pana Lens IS, and setting the camera Menu "Lens IS Priority" to "Off", will force IBIS over IS. Also if the Pana lens has an IS On or Off Switch, putting it to Off will achieve the same objective. The Pana 100-400, at 200mm or longer, arguably has a Lens IS as good or better than the Oly IBIS.

Pro Capture High only as well with Pana lenses... not the Pro Capture Low (with AF).

Starry Sky compatibility only lists Olympus M.Zuiko lenses f5.6 or faster. Pana lenses may or may not work... other users need to chime in here.

Other than these issues and what cba_melbourne mentions, its all good!

The Pana G9 has a very good tripod High Resolution feature with effective subject motion compensation (leaves swaying in a breeze). The Oly HHHR shows artefacts in this situation, and generally, the HHHR feature is a bit hit and miss... sometimes the result is stunning, other times a mess... even of static subjects and with perfect technique. It might be worth considering the G9 as it is a great camera at a very good price... with the difference you could almost pay for a very nice lens like a Panaleica 8-18.

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