Any way to do "Virtual Copies" with ACR

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Re: Any way to do "Virtual Copies" with ACR

sirhawkeye64 wrote:

The way I have files stored, I really don't technically need a catalog (as my catalog--for the most part--mimics the layout / file structure of my Photos folder so I could very well just use Bridge and ACR (which never gave me problems in regards to crashes).

The one change i have made (which I originally left off, per recommendation) was to re-enable the use of XMP files in LR. At least that way, if a crash does occur, you won't lose your latest edits and if you're catalog gets totally corrupt, as long as you have the XMP files you don't lose much if anything at all. You just create a new catalog and re-import and LR see's the XMP files and brings that data back in to the new catalog.

Most recommended turning this off mainly for HDDs because the impact was somewhat noticeable, but with SSDs it's hardly noticeable as they are small text files.

Yes getting LR to export XMPs is a pretty good way to do things despite the slight performance hit. Makes it easy to open images in Photoshop without creating an intermediary TIFF, which I don't like doing. Also means I don't have to open LR as often, which is very slow to start up on my machine. And as you say, it's a good backup in case something goes wrong with the catalogue.

I have gradually moved away from reliance on the LR catalogue as an organizational tool myself over the years, for various reasons. It does lots of useful things, but at the end of the day it just feels a bit flakey to me. Hope yours continues to work ok.

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