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Re: F-mount on a Mirrorless Z

yray wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

yray wrote:

I’m thinking Nikon will do themselves a favor if they keep DSLR line going, ...

I’m actually curious what would have happened if Nikon were releasing their ML in both F and Z mounts. Same exact models. Would be a nice test of the new mount viability, but then, obviously, they wouldn’t be able to push new expensive lenses on the early adopters.

Thanks for the good thoughts on DSLRs.

Having an F-mount on a MILC would be good if it included a focus drive motor for adapting all the D lenses that are screw-drive autofocus. Other than that it would be no different than using the existing lens adapter on a Z6, Z7 or Z9 body.

Yes, but not everyone loves adapters.

That’s not why pros aren’t switching to mirrorless.  An F mount mirrorless wouldn’t perform any better than the current Z bodies.  Until you get both the EVF and AF up to what the pros from a DSLR they won’t be switching.

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