a6400 or a6600?

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Re: a6400 or a6600?

Kaitlyn wrote:

Assuming cost isn't an issue, is the a6600 a worthwhile choice? In a nutshell, does it actually provide BETTER image quality?

  1. On one hand bigger size/bigger grip includes everyday usability BUT I am coming from a full-frame DSLR... I want the pocket size. Unless battery life is truly problematic, I'd probably prefer to carry extra batteries vs bigger body? Also, heavier as a result.
  2. I think IBIS would be very welcome but I'm hearing Sony's IBIS implementation is a bit lackluster? Plus I am looking for an "outdoor adventure camera" where either shutter speed is entirely not a problem OR my bigger problem will be subject movement
  3. Is there a possibility the hardware in a6600 allows better performance/improvements over time?

Anything else new the a6600 brings that's a worthwhile consideration?

Love your port Kaitlyn!

What would you like to shoot with the A6400 or the A6600?

I shoot with both the A6500 system as well as FF Canon 5DS system. If I were to buy right now I am leaning towards the A6400 (I’m still debating on getting the R6 instead). The A6500 is a keeper for travel and it has IBIS. I get about 2-3 stops that I don’t consider lacklustre. I like the newer eye-AF system in both A6400/A6600 but since I am keeping the A6500 for travel a non-IBIS A6400 would be a great camera to have for sports and model shoots.

One other thing that favours the A6400 is it shares the same battery with my A6500 and I have six of them.

Good luck with whatever decision you make.



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