Not a Mirrorless in sight….

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Re: Not a Mirrorless in sight….

carl_g wrote:

yray wrote:

I’m thinking Nikon will do themselves a favor if they keep DSLR line going, even if slimmed down to just a couple of models, for a while longer. They still have a dedicated following heavily invested in this mount, which probably will still be alive and kicking, and refreshing bodies and lenses for another decade or two.

I doubt it. By that point most of these people will have either switched systems or died off

Well, I can't argue with dying off, but most probably won't switch systems. It is just a simple cost/benefit calculation. If one has been a dedicated Nikon user for decades, chances are one has a closet full of gear he isn't gonna dump for the new sexy thing. Not at that age  One is much more likely to intermittently upgrade a body or a lens in the same mount.

In ML they are just also-runs with no obvious advantage over the competition.

I don’t know the z7 was just reviewed as the best landscape camera currently available.

Maybe it is a nice way to say Z7 is great for subjects that don't run away from you? 

I’m actually curious what would have happened if Nikon were releasing their ML in both F and Z mounts. Same exact models. Would be a nice test of the new mount viability, but then, obviously, they wouldn’t be able to push new expensive lenses on the early adopters.

Nothing. Most who are clutching to their d850’s would continue to complain. I still use my dslrs all the time but to not recognize that there most likely will never be a new dslr brought to market and opine about how bad Nikons offerings are currently without ever trying them is stubborn. Which is appropriate for this group I suppose.

Right you are. I've never tried a Z. But I tried a ML from another maker, so I've got the taste of it. Using EVF day in and day out for everything I shoot just isn't something I can see myself doing willingly. YMMV.

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