AD400Pro or 2xAD200Pro?

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Re: AD400Pro or 2xAD200Pro?

s-trap wrote:


I'd like to have lights for two cases:

1. Mobile studio: key light (with softbox), rim light and background light. Single person to small family portraits.

2. Outdoor: single light strong enough to use as a fill light with softbox during day. Similar portraits.

I think AD400Pro should be strong enough as a key light and outdoors, right? But I found there is a bracket to use two AD200Pros as a single light and I'm wondering if it would be good idea to use one AD200Pro as key, second as background and both of them outdoors?

I already have V860II which works quite well in single light studio setup but is slow to recharge in some situations. I hope I can use it as a rim light.

400Ws can work fine in mid day sun if you can get the light close to your model. 600ws would be better outside but way overkill for an indoor studio shoot. I own 4 of the AD200's, 2 original and 2 pro models and they are nice. But combined can give you the same light output when using the bare bulb of the AD200's. Me personally, I would go for the pair of AD200 pros and the bracket to use both at the same time when needed. Your V860II will make a nice hair or rim light even outside if the sun is not crazy bright. On the plus side too, the AD200 is a lot easier to carry around. They take about the same real estate as your V860II does in a camera bag. The AD400 is pretty large and heavy by comparison. The spare batteries are also really expensive compared to the AD200 batteries.

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