Fujifilm GF lens summer rebates?

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Re: I believe Fuji is in violation of the terms of their rebate offer

Well after a very very long conversation I believe I might have a resolution. I bit the bullet and waited on hold again and got a live person. There was a very long back and forth in which the representative first argued the rebate only covers one lens per household. When they checked the records I clearly had purchased two separate lenses, not two of the same. Then the argument shifted to the rep claiming that the 50mm lens was NOT part of the summer deal. So I'm literally looking at the web page with the 50 listed but the rep keeps telling me they all they can do is send me a copy of the "terms and conditions" that do not include the 50. Because I am a persistent person I insisted the rep go to the web page. The rep made me literally spell out the URL, letter by letter, because they didn't know how to get to the webpage. After another long wait on hold the rep came back with a very incoherent statement about why they were mixed up initially. But the bottom line is they said they would approve the second rebate.  Hurah! .... I hope....

BTW - I love the GFX100s and the entire system. Also use Hasselblad and there are many advantages to the Fuji system. However overall presentation, packaging and QC on the lenses is not in favor of Fuji. Doesn't feel quite as professional and this experience certainly did not help. But never the less I like the quality of the end product pictures and will continue to use the GFX system

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