TIFF Image Watermark saved as TIFF, file size reduction

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Three factors affecting TIFF size

I shoot in RAW (Canon 80D), I touch up in DPP4, save as a TIFF to retain as much image quality as possible and then I want to overlay a watermark.

The s/ware I'm using (Visual Watermark Premium) has the option to save as JPEG, TIFF etc, after applying the watermark. I select TIFF and the original TIFF (33MB) reduces to 7MB with a noticeable degradation in quality after applying watermark and saving.

I've gone back to the provider of the s/ware and asked the question, but I'm not hopeful for a positive "do this and it will work" response, so ........ does anyone know of an alternative that will add a watermark and retain image quality and file size?

Assuming the pixel dimensions remain constant, three factors affect TIFF file size:

(1) bit depth: TIFFs can be 16 bits per channel or 8 bits per channel. Obviously an uncompressed TIFF will be twice as large at 16 as at 8.

(2) Layers: TIFFs can contain multiple layers and related info; more layers means bigger file size.

(3) Compression: many TIFFs are uncompressed, some TIFFs have lossless compression, and IIRC you can even, in some software, apply lossy compression to a TIFF.

Given that TIFFs from your 24 MP camera were 33 MB, my guess is that they started out as either losslessly-compressed 8-bit TIFFs, or lossy-compressed 16-bit TIFFs.* And then the watermarking software recompressed, probably in a lossy way, which is why there's a loss of quality.

*At 6000x4000 pixels, with three channels each pixel (red, green, and blue), an uncompressed 8-bit TIFF would be about 69 MB, and an uncompressed 16-bit TIFF would be about 138 MB.

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