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Re: "Format SD card" in camera

CptAmerica wrote:

pmgnut wrote:

What does this mean? If I choose this option will it delete all photos from my sd card?

Yes. there are a few rules with SD cards in cameras:

1) never delete a single image from your SD card using the camera if there are still images there you haven't downloaded yet. (there is a CHANCE it can corrupt neighboring images). Just leave them there for the format, later.

That's a very interesting rule. No, file systems don't work like that. If you're afraid of corruption, don't... write anything at all to that card. Shooting and writing a new image is much more 'risky' than deleting one of the existing images.

2) when done shooting for the day (or the job), download all images to your PC.

3) once done and you have a backup of your images, always "format" the card in the camera. This will make sure the formatting is correct, and will make sure the card is wiped clean for a new shoot.

Wiping through quick formatting is fine, but it doesn't help with correct formatting at all, as long as the card was already formatted. Formatting just for the sake of formatting is absolutely useless.

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