A1 - still laggy when focusing wide open?

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Re: A1 - still laggy when focusing wide open?

s-trap wrote:

dcstep wrote:

I've shot over 60,000 shots with my a1s, with the following lenses:






600GM with and without 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters.

I've NEVER experienced focusing delays. I'm typically shooting at f/8, but go up to f/11 for DOF on some close subjects and f/16-f/22 for sun stars.

I never had such problems with my a9 or a7RIII either. As a wildlife photographer, I rely on fast AF capture and tenacious tracking. I'm almost always in AF-C mode, with one of the "Tracking" modes selected, depending on the subject.

What ISO do you set when shooting at f/22?

ISO 400 here:

I think this behaviour of Sony cameras is most visible when using high f values for DoF and relaying on strobes for proper exposure. I think of studio, but have seen event photographers complaining about this.

I'm almost exclusively natural light, so that may be why I haven't experienced it.

If there is enough ambient light for proper exposure at f/22 and ISO that is not very high, then most probably it is also enough for AF. The trouble begins when ambient light is so low that selected aperture would require extremely high ISO without flash. In such case opening aperture several stops could really help AF.

Not a problem with a9 at ISO 25600:

Come winter, I'll have more reason to shoot high-ISO with a1, but so far, I can't find a shot above ISO 3200. Maybe I can put together a trial in the next few days.
One more thought, when I shoot high ISO, I don't shoot with a dark EVF. I raise ISO to get a clear visual in the EVF.

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