In Search of filter system: Kase, Nisi, Breakthrough Photography or PolarPro

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Re: In Search of filter system: Kase, Nisi, Breakthrough Photography or PolarPro

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I like the Breakthrough filters. But honestly I've used only the X4 CPL. I stupidly returned it thinking they would soon release a magnetic filter. Brass, which they use in the X4 is obviously not magnetic! Now those filters are backordered and have been for quite a while now sad to say. I would buy one again as soon as they come back in stock. Excellent return policy (300 days) and guarantee/warranty (25 years).

Yeah I got their x4 10-stop ND. It's actaully qutie good.

I too was going to wait for the new magnetic filters but someone told me that they've had that "announcement" for several months (at least the past 3, that I can recall when I started looking into this, with no real word from them). So I just broke down and bought screw-in filters. I mean idea of magnetic filters is nice, but at the same time, I don't use filters all the time on every trip, so I can probably tolerate the few seconds it takes to screw them on/off. Plus at least with screw-in ones you don't have to worry about them popping off during transport (I sometimes attach the filters to the lenses when they are in my rolling carry-on bag).

I actually liked the idea of this. But are they the best option? I know when I was in Monument Valley I could have used this!

I hope that maybe they could announce something within the next 300 days, which is how long I have to return the X4 (according to their website) for refund for credit I would assume.  What would be even better is if they had a magnetic ring that would let me use the existing filter I already purchased.  I was mainly hoping for the magnetic system for stacking two filters, but again, adding a second filter (threading it by hand) is not that big of a deal and it also ensures it won't pop off accidentally I guess.

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