Any way to do "Virtual Copies" with ACR

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Re: Any way to do "Virtual Copies" with ACR

sirhawkeye64 wrote:

OK I though they were mini DNGs (small versions).

I have however successfully been able to get the catalog run off the external SSD with the new Windows install and the latest version of LRC, on both computer, so far going on about 4 hours without the error, so it may be fixed and may have been limited to something in a previous update to LRC.

Sounds promising. What a load of hassle though! It's amazing how much extra work one little problem can end up causing us.

Hopefully you have resolved the issue now - fingers crossed.

I just found this on a Lightroom Queen forum here about an issue which sounded the same as yours, where the 'solution' given was to delete the previews folder:-

"I had a problem like this now for almost a week, with LR Classic and tried deleting the preview file(mac) with no luck what eventually realised that when i updated LR the new catalog file must have been corrupted, so i went back to the old one before the update made a copy then imported it again, so LR could convert it to the new V10 catalog now everything is fine."

This suggests that the poster's issue was a corrupt catalogue generated during the version update process. I know you previously said that you had created new catalogues, but just wondering if you had gone back to the previous version catalogue and re-updated it to the newer version at any point, as per this post?

Interesting - there is another thread on this (DPR) forum currently about the pros and cons of using catalogues. Also one about whether we should always update our software. Your problem is pertinent to both discussions.

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