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m100 wrote:

nnowak wrote:

Analog4Ever wrote:

nnowak wrote:

Analog4Ever wrote:

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Alastair Norcross wrote:

Actually, the M6II (and 90D) has the best noise handling of any currently available crop sensor.

Ummm, No. While the deficit is no longer meaningful, Sony's sensors are still better.

Sounds like a distinction without a difference. Says the guy with a blank gear list.

You can't understand the difference between "best" and worse, but "no longer meaningful"?

I understand you perfectly. You've switched from trolling to gaslighting - but you're adept at it I'll grant you that. So...

You assert Sony sensors are better - that's a distinction. BUT in practical terms the difference doesn't matter because "the deficit is no longer meaningful."

No. Alastair made the erroneous assertion that the Canon sensor has the best noise handling of all crop sensors. His statement simply is not true.

So why post it on a Canon forum?

Of course I'd be curious to know where you found a 32 MP Sony sensor to make the comparison. Oh, you didn't.

What crop camera sensors are you talking about ?

Alastair said "any currently available crop sensor", but Sony's 26mp sensor would probably be the best one to look at.

I would like to try my PP NR skills on the raw files from them and see for myself !

I have yet to find any crop sensor raw files that clean up better using modern NR software than the M6II raw files.

Modern NR software likes a lot of pixels ?

Comparing images after noise reduction tends to add far too many variables.  What may look like a noise free image to you may appear to be featureless mush to another person.

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