Anyone Using DVD+R DL for Backup Storage???

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Mark B.
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Re: Anyone Using DVD+R DL for Backup Storage???

Toronto Photography wrote:

Robert Barnett wrote:

DL DVDs should not be trusted. Of the media available now they have the highest failure rate. If you must use DVD use single layer. They are better but not even close to CDs. The more data your cram on a small plastic disc the more susceptible they are to failure.

As for lifespan I do not trust CDs, DVDs, DL DVD's, Blue-Ray or HD DVD for arhival work. I do backup to them but not as my sole means of backup. I also back up to a couple of hard drives.

Currently we do not have good long term archival backup options.


While I generally agree achivable DVDs are sold and make great claims for them lasting. Same for blue ray.

But they are horribly inconvenient to use for backup as well as recovery, and cost per GB is quite high as well.

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