Only the Pentax K10D had market momentum?

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Richard Smals
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Only the Pentax K10D had market momentum?

I've been here on and off since the 2006 K10D. That camera had extreme momentum in the market, a lot of users got convinced of Pentax as a genuine Digital SLR. Newcomers left and right.

My question to you is: Which earlier or later Pentax camera had or has the same momentum to you or even outsiders from Pentax. Please explain way.

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My believe: if Pentax got on top of the AF problems from the K10D to the K20D then the Pentax ship was sailing full speed, sadly it didn't happen. If i compare my Canon 50D with the same age K20D the Canon feels modern in use even by today standards (sensor is meh though).

The CCD of the K10D and later my companion K-m is still to this day extreme pleasing.

The K-7 had a rotten was not pleasing at all. K-x sold because of the SR problems, my copy was extreme problematic. K-01 (great sensor) and two Q just for fun and curiosity.

The K-5 was great again, love that sensor, but still no real reliable and fast AF. My biggest personal grief was the focus hesitation in artificial light with persons/portraits.

Here is where Pentax lost me, i just lost faith in the total experience. My SDM lenses where a concern also. I invested so much in the brand (SDM, Limited, Macro, Flashes, Sigma stuff like Bigma and 180mm macro, etc...) but still took the dive to go Nikon, parallel to Pentax and later on to Canon FF. I do 25 high budget advertisements a year plus i build my own photography school. So money wise i could do it.

I came back just recently with a secondhand K-3 (parallel to Canon), and i still feel the pleasure of the brand. AF better then my past Pentax DSLR's but not like my Canon 70D though (same age). EOS R and M6mkII are very more sophisticated though.

Pentax in it's photographic experience and implementation is great. Lot's of brand implemented features from Pentax.

Is Pentax hindered predominantly by the frustrating AF experience from new and existing users? Or is the lack of video the culprit. Or....?

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I would love to hear your "life story" within the brand.


Pentax K10D
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