A Brief Return to Film, Could Use Some Help

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Re: A Brief Return to Film, Could Use Some Help

Autonerd wrote:

I agree this could be a scanning issue. The scanner (like the automatic printer) has to make an exposure and it isn't always correct. You may be able to make some corrections in post-production.

I am definitely counting a lot of votes for scanning issues.

Regarding grain being grainer than you remember... ah, sweet memories! Remember also that we used to look at our pictures on small-ish prints, so grain was less apparent unless we really blew the exposure.

Here, I have to disagree.  I have enlarged film photos in the past and have a few hanging alongside my digital prints.  Clean and sharp.  I started to notice film grain rising to this level only when I started shooting indoors sports.  High iso film was horrible.  So, I bought a D90 which was much less problemative above iso 400.  So, I would say I was less aware of grain issues back in the day primarily because there really weren't any of significance!  Regardless, the grain in these shots is very visible looked at normally and would detract from even a 4x6 print. For me.

Regarding exposure and focus -- were they really always perfect? Digital cameras are simply much more sophisticated, and older meters (even the primitive matrix meters) were easier to fool. I have a Nikon N8008 and it does seem to get the exposure right 80% of the time, but man, when it gets it wrong, it *really* gets it wrong!

The pics look pretty good to me -- I think if you're looking for color perfection, Ektar is probably a good choice (or Portra for people). Me, I embrace the imperfections. I also shoot primarily B&W film which I can develop myself -- for color I prefer my digicam.

I am going to give Ektar a shot.  Might be interesting to shoot black and white.  One of those faves hanging on my office wall was from a roll of black and white film.

Hope this helps and that you will continue your return to film. What started as "Just one roll of B&W in my old Pentax KX" has turned into hundreds of rolls and a lot of new-to-me film cameras. Very satisfying!

Not likely but I am open to the possibility.  Thanks for your enthusiastic response!


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