A Brief Return to Film, Could Use Some Help

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Re: Not sure you can trust the matrix meter

Don Karner wrote:

I have an N90s that has a meter that has failed (consistently overexposes) on slide and negative film. I mention it because it is probably about the same vintage as your N80. I dial the Exposure Comp back a full stop and come a little closer.

I will try that though it does not consistently overexpose and I did check the settings against my digital camera after making sure it was getting well exposed images.

Are you using Bedford in Tulsa? They used to scan my film fairly well in the Camera Gallery days.

I did use Bedord.  This experiment is motivated purely by curiosity right now.  So, with this discouragement, I am in no rush to pursue more film shooting.  I will try a roll of Ektar 100, talk to Bedord, show them these shots, get it scanned somewhere or another. Look through all the tips here and try any other ones that make sense for me.  Shoot another roll.  Maybe two.  If disappointed again, I don't know how much further I will go. I don't think I will buy a scanner along with whatever accessories I need to do that scanning myself.   I am very happy with digital.  Recemtly, I have been inspired to compare my cameras' images against old models.  Got a D40 and a D700.  So, this was one more step along that experimental path.  I will probably end this entire experiment sometime soon, go back to my D610 and D500, and return to thinking about upgrading to the latest and greatest again!

I greatly appreciate everyone's very kind and informative responses to my post.

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