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Re: Are you talking about Mirrorless in general or just Nikon?

lickity split wrote:

Ever since I joined DPR the Mirrorless customers bragged that MILC was the future and it’s better than DSLR’s at everything ,we’ll it’s been almost a decade and still none of pros have switched when it matters most, the Olympics is here again and still MILC cameras are NOT and I repeat NOT found at the Nikon Booth in Tokyo, i sure plenty of pros tried one out of curiosity just to see how it performs only to quickly put it back down and pick up their trusted D5-D6.

The Mirrorless vs. DSLR wars is pretty much over. People have already voted with their pocket books. AP basically switched out all of their Canon DSLR gear for Sony mirrorless gear. Most new money is going into mirrorless. Every AP photographer at the Olympics will be using Sony mirrorless.

If you are talking about the Olympics war - Nikon basically lost that decades ago to Canon.

I personally haven't made the full switch to mirrorless 100% but I am about 70-80% there using multiple systems. I would like Nikon mirrorless to be included but it currently doesn't meet my needs. Interestingly, I passed on the D6, same as a lot of other D5 users. Not enough improvements for me to put my money down - my money went into another system.

However, I am not sure why people think Nikon failing at their mirrorless game is going to benefit their DSLR game? If Nikon fails in mirrorless - its game over for the F-mount. I guess they can be like a Pentax - being sold off to a new owner every couple of years, being stripped of its assets and just selling to a very small group of diehards with out-dated tech.

I for one wish Nikon much success in their mirrorless game as I feel that's the only way Nikon can keep supporting the F-mount.

PS: In regards to the original article and the lack of Z gear:
"Although not seen in these images from Kalut, Nikon has confirmed to DPReview that it does have Z6 II, Z7 II and Z-mount lenses on-location as well for photographers to use."


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