Suggested feature to fix focus shift for Tamron 24-70 G2

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Re: Suggested feature to fix focus shift for Tamron 24-70 G2

Tord S Eriksson wrote:

calin wrote:

Thank for your feedback QuietOC.

I hope that Tamron has an eye of these threads and thinks about this. If they find a solution to the focus shift they become more competitive that even the Canon/Sony lenses. Currently, unless I manually focus, I can't use my Tamron 24-70 G2 in the F3.2-F8 50-70mm ranges. Also manual focus is complicated by the fact that I have to hold the depth of field preview while focusing to force the stepped down aperture.

Obviously "That change may have stemmed from complaints about stopped down AF performance. There are trade-offs for both methods. It would be nice to have user controls for these behaviors." would be best if the camera is handling it but there is also an opportunity for 3rd party lenses, via firmware, to take the lead.

Just a thought:

If it would be one of my Sigmas that misbehaves I could use my dock, I believe, as it can be used to reset the focusing of the lens at various distances and focal lengths.
And Tamron has a similar dock?!

That was the first thing I've done.  However, it had no effect.  I've read later that in mirrorless cameras (Canon at least) Tamron, and maybe other lenses, aren't using the the focus processor hence the Tap-in console (docking for Sigma) adjustments have no effect.

Still trying to fully understand why.  The good thing is that the focus is spot on wide open independently of the focusing values I enter.  Also, in manual mode, when depressing the depth of field preview, the "triangles" focus helpers are also spot on.

This is why I hope that autofocus with step-down aperture will produce a good result.

Note, this is a very different behavior from my Canon 5 Mark iV where the setting have an impact.

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