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Alex Sarbu wrote:

egk4260 wrote:

I agree the module sounds more advanced. I would expect superior technology and specs for the AF module in a K3-III that is 4 years newer and currently twice the cost of a D7500, but the question was: How does that advanced AF module translate into advances in performance and output in comparison to that camera? Just saying the AF is more advanced is meaningless.

Actually is very relevant, once you remember the context - that is, the claim that the K-3iii should cost no more than a D7500, and my counter-argument that it's a higher class, flagship-level camera. The AF is a small part of it:

"Over the D7500, the K-3iii has:

- a flagship-level build

- a better viewfinder

- two card slots

- a more advanced AF

- higher FPS

- it takes a battery grip"


Of course, but the Nikon 7500 is a four-year-old camera, with four-year-old technology. You know as well as I do that technological advancement tends to make better components cheaper over time. To wit, the K3iii will not be competing against the Nikon, rather it will need to justify its price point against lower-priced equally well, in some cases better, specified cameras. It is a very nice camera, but it's hard to see that it will shine against the company it needs to beat.

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