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Re: "Format SD card" in camera

J Peters wrote:

bclaff wrote:

I have tested a lot of cameras including many Nikon models.

I have never formatted an SD card and never had any problems.

I consider the "requirement" for format an SD card in the camera a total myth.

A "deep" format, in camera, does four things that I can think of:

  1. Wipes the card in one stroke (quicker than even a batch-deletion)
  2. Checks the card for errors (this is the "deep" option)
  3. Pre-formats the card using a file system that the camera can use
  4. Puts some folders and possibly some configuration files into the root of the drive

If you want to delete pictures manually, you can manage without (1).

If you don't value a pre-warning that the card may be failing, you can live without (2).

If you know what format your camera needs and are happy to do that manually with a computer, or buy pre-formatted cards, then you can live without (3).

Most cameras will create root folders anyway if a blank card is inserted, though I would anticipate problems if you hotswapped cards between different models. So this (partially?) negates (4).

A camera would have to create the folder if it doesn't exist. Or at least produce an error so you'll know the card has to be initialised in camera. But I've never seen that. Normally any camera would silently create the missing (sub)folders.

Apart from (3), there's no real need to ask users to format their cards in camera.

I treat it a bit like the "requirement" to "safely remove hardware" when ejecting a card or memory stick from a PC. I know people who never do this and have been fine. I also know people who didn't used to do this until their disk corrupted and data was lost.

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