Sony Alpha 1, SEL 200-600 or Canon R5, RF 100-500

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Re: Sony Alpha 1, SEL 200-600 or Canon R5, RF 100-500

Djehuty wrote:

duncang wrote:

danny006 wrote:

duncang wrote:

- R5 + 100-500 is sharper and has more contrast than A1+200-600

The 200-600 is slightly sharper as you can see here . And with 1.4tc it is even sharper.

If it looks sharper to you there that's great - it doesn't to me. In any event I was basing that comment on my experience of images taken in the field where some of the R5 combo images show more contrast/sharpness than the A1 combo ever seem to achieve.

Have not personally compared R5 images with the TC1.4 so can't comment, however I can't complain about the A1 combo.

Rather good back focus on that wing !?

The Canon 100-500 is ridiculously expensive. Like that lens is something special but it isn't. And you lose 100mm and 1/3stop compared to the Sony.

Agree - but I was just making the point that the A1 is not better in every way than the R5.

Personally either one will be fine for me - if Sony don't get around to fixing the lack of animal/bird af in video it will be "sayonara Sony" from me.

Then go with the R5 for video, we're not camera sales people.

But on the other hand do I really want to give this up !?

Wicked sharp.


Or if I want to know how many head shakes per second a Welcome Swallow can do ONLY MY SONY can tell me...

Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 3

OK then I guess it must be 30 shakes per second

See ya! :-).

And anyway who needs video when you can have so much fun with stills !!

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