7D mark II Upgrade to which Camera for Sport action and Birds ( 90D ist not an option)

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Re: 7D mark II Upgrade to which Camera for Sport action and Birds ( 90D ist not an option)

Rexgig0 wrote:

Old Greenlander wrote:

Money talks

how much are you invested in Canon?
D500 can be a an option ...

Actually, for a brief time, I did use a D500, for birds, though as an addition, not a replacement for a 7D II, in late 2017. A flood had ruined my wife’s pair of D7000 cameras, plus her Df. (Hurricane Harvey.) I quickly bought a D500, for her to resume photography. Soon afterward, Nikon USA ran a promotion, with a free Nikon battery grip, with the purchase of a D500. I bought this camera/grip combo, because my wife had expressed interest in acquiring the battery grip.

I really liked using the D500, realizing that it could become my new best bird camera, with better AF performance than my 7D II camera, and also better AF than my D3s. (I had bought a pre-owned D3s, to serve as a low-light camera, but had not used it much, yet, for birds.)

Well, it soon became apparent that my wife was finding it tedious to add and/or remove the grip from her D500, and that she was missing the convenience that she had experienced when she had a pair of D7000 cameras, so “my” D500 camera soon became her second camera. This was about the time I retired, and a cheque for my unused, accumulated “comp time” was sufficient to finance the addition of a new D5. Of course, a D5 does not have the “reach” of a 7D II or a D500, but the D5 and D500 share that amazing AF technology.

So, I shifted to Nikon, for birds and action-type subjects. Both Canon and Nikon make good lenses for these tasks, and it made sense for my Nikon-shooting. wife and I to share expensive, long, heavy telephoto lenses for only one system. My macro equipment remains Canon, which is very unlikely to change, so my 7D II cameras remain important.

Totally agree on the Canon macro gear, it really is superb.

As for the D500, paired with that lovely 500PF lens it is a wonderful tool. AF wise I did find times when the D500 would not be as good as the 7D2, and vice versa of course. Certain lighting conditions and subjects one would be better than the other. I would say they are very close but each have slightly different strengths when shooting birds.

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