Amazon (germany) AD:s appear on my DPR pages, how?

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Aren’t ads generally based on your IP adress?

Don't know.

That would mean that DPR and AMZON compare the IP adresses of all their account holders, and Amazon then displays AD:s on DPR pages if same IP adress is found?

May just mean your browser history and associated cookies haven't been cleared for a time.

Thank you Mako2011 for your comments.

You are right, I haven't cleared my browser history and cokies for a few weeks. Does people generally do that every day, I haven't actually seen it anywhere discussed how often people do a clearance of cookies.

However, I normally use a VPN, (like yesterday) when nevertheless that AD was visible on my DPR page.

Anyway, the interesting point is what mechanism will place those Amazon germany AD:s on my DPR page? Do I understand it right that (for instance) DPR will somehow see cookies placed on my computer by Amazon, and regardless of that VPN is used, directly read from the cokies that the computer user (me) is a customer?



If the server your VPN is on is in Germany, the websites it connects to will see an IP address based in Germany and believe that's your location. I believe DPR uses a company that displays ads on the DPR website based on an advertiser's preferences, e.g should an ad be displayed, the content, language, etc. Advertisers pay for this localized service based on their choices.

Your VPN may have servers in different countries and may have an option to choose which country you want to use. You can try changing it and see if the ads are different. Without a VPN some browsers can be configured to use a "proxy" with an IP address in different countries.

You can do an internet search for "where am I" and you'll see where your IP (or that of your VPN) indicates you are located.

As suggested, it's a good practice to periodically delete cookies / flush the browser cache.



The VPN server is in Finland. It "places me" in the Helsinki area so it shouldn't really give any AD:s in German language, but Amazon Germany is naturally in Germany, so yes, from there comes the language in the AD, (although I use their English language service

Actually after just now cleaning away all cookies, switchng off and on my computer again opening DPR the persistent AD was still there

Not sure what "flush the browser cache" means.



That's odd, perhaps Amazon Germany hasn't defined very well the countries it wants its ads displayed in.

Flushing the cache clears everything your browser saves in its cache, not just the cookies. Depending on the browser, you'll have an option on what you want to be deleted: history, cookies, forms, etc. .


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