Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Re: Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Checking Amazon's price history, the A7RIV has spent much more of the year at $3K than $3.5K:

With inflation and chip shortages expected to last well into 2022 or longer, that may not be the case going forward.

Inflation has been going on for a centuries and is still in a historical view low about 2% in Europe and 3.5% globally. So let’s not overestimated the effect on it, semiconductor shortages on the other hand would be the main reason as an equal demand but fewer goods would have that effect.

Here in the USA, inflation is expected to be 5-6% for the year unless things cool off quickly.

It’s a bit high, but not high enough to really cause concern. USA has also a history in recent years of more inflation variance then what we typically see in EU, where it tend to be more stable around 1-2%.

As long as we don’t see like +8% inflation then we will manage.. the last time we saw high inflation in our part of the world where in the 1960-80’s. Or the deflation of the 1930’s that is equally bad.

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