May move to a D500, SD memory questions

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For my peace of mind, I have spare XQD cards ...

I have spare XQDs too…which is great as long as I remember to bring one along with me.

And just think how more peaceful your mind would be if you had an SD in the secondary slot set to “backup” and had two copies of every image. Data redundancy is a great thing.

I have 2 D500's. One each with a Sony G 64GB card in each with a SanDisk 128GB UHS-II 170MB/s card in each as well. At the price of the XQD cards, I spare them and only use then for wildlife and BIF. So when I do portrait, street or macro photography, I use the SD cards. The XQD cards have a finite write use. So no point in using them when not needing the speed.

Isn't it the case for SD also?

And just how small is that "finite" number?

Some cameras, some lenses, some computers

I don't know about that finite number but it's much cheaper to replace an SD card (Lexar 128gb UHS-II $35) than an XQD 64GB $100, 128GB $190)

Then why lose sleep about such a hypothetical case? Bad things do happen, having a spere XQD card in a little pouch attached to my camera strap lets me sleep at night

Some cameras, some lenses, some computers

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