Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Re: Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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and it is starting to cost Sony. C'mon Sony, fix this.

I agree with you about the focus bracketing but honestly its hard to take this video seriously. As much as I love Chris and Jordan's stuff, they went out of their way to mention how much better the Z7II is at time lapse than the Sony and that is soooo wrong. I commented on the video when it came out but probably not a lot of viewers saw it.

One of the reasons I'm transitioning to Sony from Nikon is due to Nikons crappy time lapse implementation.

If anyone is curious, here is my comment on the video explaining why I dislike the Nikon for time lapse:

I really enjoy Chris and Jordan's videos for entertainment, but they just don't seem to like Sony. I don't mean in a malicious sense, but they clearly prefer the handling of other brands and seem to ding Sony cameras in their content for odd things.

For example, this video tells the viewer that the Z7II is substantially cheaper than the A7RIV and has a much better rear LCD. But the two cameras are the same price now (MSRP only matters for new releases), and they literally tested a discontinued version of the A7RIV when making LCD comments.

B&H today:

A7Riv $3,498

Z7ii $3,096 with FTZ adapter .

it depends on market and the day you make the search, the price difference in most markets is also negligible, and it’s a system when I look it through I end up spending more or less the same.. but obviously not telling people that as it doesn’t suit their agenda.

I still watch every video (even for stuff I don't ever intend to buy), but we know that Fuji is going to be praised for their bodies while Sony is going to get grudging wins at best.

I shared the same feeling in many of their past reviews. Yes, I always take their as entertaining and about a half truth kind or with bias in their reviews.

I started paying them more attention given how biased the comments are. They seem more credible now.

Absolutely right about not using the A7R4A and just added as a comment later. They should have put the A7R4A LCD as part of their evaluation.

Z7II was launched before Sony had the enhaced LCD, which by the way, was likely in reaction to the Z7II, so you can thank Nikon for Sony's upgrade.

yes let’s make up our own truth, with nothing to support the notion.

Someone also noted that the Nikon Z7 time lapse is not even on par with the A7R4, yet that was used as a negative for Sony.

"Some also noting" isn't evidence or any kind of fact.

Nikon timelaps isn’t on pair with Sony, I know you probably want to defend Nikon to death but let’s try at least to be real.

They indicated Sony has the best resolution, but that is not a key criteria for the overall result for landscape photography.

Aren't there 80MP mobile sensors? This point is hilarious.

let’s compare apples with apples shall we and not use straw men… Two FF sensor where one has more resolution means more fine details, more cropping potential. So actually not a hilarious point unless you want to make up excuses.

So more resolution, better DR on almost all ISO, better lens selection… So all in all everything that has to do with IQ Sony wins.

But Nikon win because of body being slightly cheaper, a little more software/firmware solutions (that you buy the way can do typically better in post) it’s really getting absurd. The most important aspect is IQ and lens selection everything else is icing on the cake.

To me personally, that this the only criteria, if all other features of the camera are above average.

I will said they pick what criteria that suit the decided outcome, rather than the criteria that a landscape photographer really wanted.

Very entertaining, especially how they brave the fast flowing stream with their gears.


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