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Greg7579 wrote:

AZ Steve wrote:

Yes, the USA is quite different: for the nominal sum of $399 a year, you get two, count 'em, complimentary check-and-cleans a year. One very much doubts they "calibrate" anything.


They don't "calibrate" anything and they have little sympathy for people who constantly say they have a bad copy. They want proof, a detailed description of the perceived fault and images.

They are great at fixing broken stuff and are very fair.

But this? No way in New Jersey.

They would send that lens back to you and say it checked out fine and they would charge you 150 bucks and make you pay for the shipping.

You guys sure you Brits get away with that?



That's not the Fuji I know and love. And they have helped me out numerous times when I drop, bend, break, beat, smash and drown my gear.

I don't think I've actually ever caught fire to a lens....

Calm down! It is very normal in Europe.

Remember we pay more for our gear over here as well.

OK. I am calm now. But I'm thinking of moving to England and shipping all my lenses into Fuji Europe for a quick tune-up. How much do flats cost in London? I may buy a summer home there to escape the heat of San Antonio every July and August.

Where in London is the question.

I leave in Bromley, SE London suburb, about 11 miles out from the centre.

Flat prices around here:

Typical rental costs for a small 2 bedroom flat in a purpose built block around £1400 per month.

Typical purchase cost for same (this one is about 100 yards from me):



But like any purchase you find places 5x more expensive (not likely to be much cheaper, though).

Or 10x more expensive if you are talking about central London...

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