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Re: Not a good idea

Tobamory wrote:

nzmacro wrote:

Tobamory wrote:

Ok before you shoot me, let me explain

I do have an Olympus for the creative side of me, mainly for Live Composite etc, however last year i lost a close friend pre-covid and i was left his entire collection of M4/3 glass, its all the Pro Glass minus the 12-100

25mm F1.2

17mm F1.2

Voigtlander x 2 ( 25mm and 42.5mm) 0.95s and many many more

So i was thinking of having a play with them

Firstly can it be done ?

Pros and Cons on Aperture and Lens MM on a Sony.

Can we zoom on the sensor like on the R model, i presume we can, im just not near it to check.

Whats best adaptor to use ?

thanks all for the guidance.

M4/3 lens on Sony A7 using an adaptor

Not a good idea


Danny i presume you hadnt used or didnt have the Zoom feature in the menu ?

Like you, I have FE and MFT gear.  I’m puzzled why you would want to adapt MFT lenses to an FE body.  You get better performance of the lenses on MFT bodies - more pixels, lens corrections, more functions.


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