A Brief Return to Film, Could Use Some Help

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Re: A Brief Return to Film, Could Use Some Help

mamallama wrote:

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mamallama wrote:

If you are talking about negative film shots, you are mistaken to think what you got was straight out of the camera. There were a lot of variables applied from the time the film left the camera and the prints you got.

Yes, but if the OP gets it done by a lab and they’re happy with it then that’s the OPs problem solved, which was they were unhappy with the scans that came back from the lab

You are at the mercy of the lab in both cases. It is not unlike being at the mercy of computational photography in smartphones that everybody like to trash. I guess it's OK for film though.

I’m not sure of what the both cases are.  I’m also not sure why I’m at “the mercy of the lab”.  C41 and E6 are well defined processes.

If I shoot E6 I get slides back - no conversion, no digitization, I can just look at them.  If the lab scan them and use a calibrated scanner then what I get back from the lab is the same as if I’d scanned them myself.

If I shoot C41 and the lab return images that I’m happy with, consistently, then that is also a good solution.  It doesn’t really matter who does the magic inversion so long as I’m happy with the result.

If neither of these two are met you need to change labs.   My point to the OP was that it is possible to find a lab that produces scanned output that one is happy with.  You don’t have to scan the film yourself - the reasons for scanning yourself  are because you can’t find such a lab, because it’s cheaper to do it yourself, or because you want more control over the process.

My flower picture (on Ektachrome ) was a lab scan and it’s OK, at least I wouldn’t want to rescan it. A faithful reproduction of the slide is all you can ask

I appreciate your tips like trusting the matrix meter. That was sufficient for me in the past. I will try some Ektar film and talk to the shop that will be doing the scanning of my next roll. Unless I figure out how to scan the negatives myself. Thanks again.

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