For those who went from Z7 to Z7 II was it worth it?

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Re: For those who went from Z7 to Z7 II was it worth it?

RazorSharpWO wrote:

abc123brian wrote:

For me it was worth it, but I would not say anything was a significant improvement. Everything is just a slight bit quicker and it adds up. If you have the opportunity to upgrade relatively cheaply, I’d do it. If not, wait until the September firmware update and see what improves. I expect it will be a big improvement, but will have to wait until it’s officially released.

I think both of these cameras are only "worth it" JUST to be able to affix high-end Z-Mount lenses to them.

As overall "cameras," quite frankly, neither body is as good as the best DSLRs (barring needs for EVF and "focus-peeking").

I've had 2-Card slots for the past 12 years (from Canon to Nikon), and all it's done is make me waste my money on "a second card" that I've never actually used, thereby providing me with no actual benefit.

In the end, if you already have the Z7, then enjoy it. I personally added the Z7 II only because it doesn't have banding in the deep shadows, unlike its predecessor, and I tend to push the limits of my gear.

That said, I will be dispensing with all of my "tiny, limited Z-Cameras" ... the moment the Z9 comes into fruition.

Most people really don't challenge the extremes their gear, so they would be better off with the "beta" choices. Me, I challenge the extremes of my gear, on a daily basis, so I am very particular as to what suits me.

With that said, if you're shooting in "regular light," and tend to focus on "ordinary subjects," then the Z7 is all the camera you need. Save your money on the questionable upgrade. I promise, you will never miss the "second card slot."

Ok Thank you. The second slot would be useful for a specific application where I have to sheet small JPEG so it would be nice to have raw on the XQD and small JPEG on the SD slot - at the moment I have to shoot small jpeg to the XQD and then copy to SD card afterwards as no editing permitted for this application.

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