the double shutter speed rule ruins your video

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Re: the double shutter speed rule ruins your video

film camera has fully exposed frame containing all the picture from the current moment with any shutter speed.

digital camera records full picture in the frames with equal shutter speed only and the half of the frame beginning from double speed and the higher shutter speed the slender the stripe of the picture in the frame.

the jello formed with those stripes of each frame, not every scanline of each frame while it scans by readout but by every frame with the only one stripe in it.

it's all about understanding the readout and rolling shutter principles.

those bloggers says it formed by lines of each frame, as if 2160 lines of every frame for 4k and 1080 lines of 1080p. but i want to approve it's wrong,

every frame has only low quantity of the lines of the picture in it. half or even less.
equal fps to shutter speed is the only mode recording full picture to every frame

the principal of rsh: jello formed not by bad readout scanlines of the one frame but by corrupted frames.

digital camera do not record full picture in the frame - that is the fault.

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