EM1.1 Rear Dial Issue --- not again

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Re: EM1.1 Rear Dial Issue --- not again

Here in UK the retailer I have used maintains that Olympus are the easiest of companies they have to deal with when it comes to things like this.

I had an issue with a very minor peel on the handgrip  material on the mark2 - just under the shutter release- and it was sorted immediately. The camera came back looking like a brand new unit in a new box with what I am sure was a new strap and with a complimentary professional lens cleaning cloth and a letter from the technician who had completed the repair with direct contact details on it.

My unit was approaching the end of its extended warranty but I was left with the impression that if it was clear the unit had not been abused and was well looked after It Olympus would bend over backwards to help.

I suggest you take it back to the store you bought it from and ask them to speak to Olympus for you.

if it was an online purchase from a retailer without a height street presence I guess you start with e-mails and photo’s of the unit.

if it’s a well known issue Olympus will know and given they market the brand on quality and ability to perform in harsh environments and not the user down, I think if the unit has not been trashed you stand a good chance of it being sorted at nil or minimum cost,

Good luck.

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