Some wildlife at the Riverside Park in Cambridge, ON

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Joachim Wulfers
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Some wildlife at the Riverside Park in Cambridge, ON

I went out shooting at one of my frequently visited parks. However, some exotic bird derailed my plans to shoot real wildlife like Ospreys and Bald Eagles, so except one species shown here, every creature I shot is common and tame. Enjoy.

A view of the inner pond at the Riverside Park

Small creatures are also wildlife. This one is enjoying some nectar from a thistle flower

Wow, wow, hold it you guys. Don't do that in public on a family site. Small but, hey...they do it too

I always enjoy shooting blue jays

A black squirrel at the foot of a large maple tree

Our beaver in residence. It's got to be the largest beaver I have ever encountered. It is the first time I catch him on land. And he was not at all disturbed by my presence.

Just to mix it up and have a rest from the beaver commotion, here is another blue jay

And because the beaver is so impressive, he deserves a second picture

Some Canada Geese passing by the lonely Mallard

This little toad is about the size of a Canadian loonie. For those who don't know what a Canadian loonie is, it is our 1 Dollar coin, about the size of a 1 Euro coin. Almost stepped on him.

I always like photographing ducks as much as I like photographing blue jays

I believe this is a non breeding male Mallard, but it also could be an American Black Duck. I always mix them up.

I find ducks are always looking happy. Don't these do?

And this is the wild bird that was responsible for derailing my plans to shoot real wildlife. A 1956 T-bird with the Continental kit

An original unmolested specimen, originally from an old lady from Texas, I am told. The car sat in her garage for 30 years. And here it is in the cold, wintery, inhospitable Ontario, what is known as the Great White North where we have eternal snow.

And now I have to get out and shoot real wildlife.


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