Any way to do "Virtual Copies" with ACR

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Re: Any way to do "Virtual Copies" with ACR

Yes I agree with Redcrown and Richardplondon - snapshots are the closest equivalent in ACR to virtual copies in LRC. I use them quite a bit and they work well for storing different editing states of images. Because all snapshots are saved into a single XMP file, your file lists stay much cleaner, compared to saving out multiple XMPs.

Just to add some extra feedback on the LRC issue, I'm also surprised that you are having problems. I commonly work from catalogues stored on an external drive and have never had any problems like the ones you describe - in fact, other than it running a tad slower, I've had no problems whatsoever. LRC is definitely designed to work this way. I'm on a Mac, but I'm pretty sure Windows should also work in the same way. It's just network drives that it's not meant to work with, as far as I know.

Just to check - you're running Lightroom itself from your internal drive, right? I mean, you haven't installed the application itself on the external drive?

If not, I can only think that it could be a file permissions issue, but then if it works some of the time, this seems unlikely. Have you tried different disk file system options?

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