My GX85 auto white balance is awful on video

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Re: My GX85 auto white balance is awful on video

alcelc wrote:

tammons wrote:

alcelc wrote:

Had it still been too yellow under outdoor shooting? Did the WB shift automatically under constant lighting condition?

How you shoot video? Use M-video on the Mode Dial or hit the red REC button without selecting M-video first?

FYI, I am happy eith my GX85. Wishing you xon't have a faulty camera.

All outdoor shooting.

These are long sessions like 6-8 hours continuous.

Oop, you use AC power or USB power bank?

M mode.

In general the overall WB varies but is mostly too yellow.

What is the Photo Style you are using? We might try to adjust on the Photo Style (it is shared with Still shooting ) if it is not happy to you.

I need to reset the camera do a few experiments and see how it does.

Unless you have adjust on the color tone of Photo Style, otherwise reset might do nothing to the Auto WB... I shall try Photo Style first.

USB power bank

Cant remember on photo style. I think it was on natural.

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