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A question of sensible balance

Years ago - many years ago - a neighbour was admiring my then 5D dslr and I let her try it.

She held it up in front of her face then politely asked with all seriousness “how do you switch the screen (lcd) on so that I can take a picture”. Of course everybody in the room laughed politely and she was told that she had to put her eye to the ovf *.

How much things were (and remain) defined by the use of the compact camera cannot be determined. The same goes for mobile  phone cameras - which hardly existed at the time.

Even today on the M4/3 forum many will post that they would rather have a tilt lcd than an evf shows that the lcd as a viewfinder is indeed still popular and seemingly a natural way to do things.

* this of course was funny at the time but the dslr “invention”of live view made it serious business.

Add that fully enclosed loupes for dslr bodies that had live view became a sort of must have.  Great big bulky items added to a great big bulky body.  One might wonder how these users manage a reasonably large telephoto while gazing through their loupe.

I think that the reality is that the lcd gets used for framing and focus checking much more than simply for special purpose captures.

I must also comment on the number of those that say a small camera body is “unbalanced” with a large lens.  How can any camera body be unbalanced with any large lens if the lens is supported by the left hand and the eye is at the evf?  Such a camera held in front of a face whilst using the lcd (of any type) does indeed risk being unbalanced.

Therefore any sort of articulation is really for emergency purposes and special purpose shots where use of an evf is not physically possible or practical.

Others will obviously differ, but that might say a quite lot about just why the side hinge lcd is popular.

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